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"I am very lucky with Brad. He is a real gentleman, but he is also a real man’s man. He’s got the wonderful balance of being an extraordinary, great, loving father, a very, very intelligent man and physically he’s a real man." – Angelina Jolie
"One of the greatest, smartest things I ever did was give my kids Angie as their mom. She’s such a great mom. Oh, man, I’m so happy to have her. With a partner like Angie, I know that when I’m working, the kids are happy, safe, and prospering. And when Angie’s working, she knows she has the same." – Brad Pitt
"I’m still a bad girl. I still have that side of me. It’s just in its place now. It belongs to Brad—or our adventures." – Angelina Jolie
"She’s still a bad girl, delightfully so. It’s not for public consumption." – Brad Pitt
"You get together and you’re two individuals and you feel inspired by each other, you challenge each other, you complement each other, drive each other beautifully crazy. After all these years, we have history—and when you have history with somebody, you’re friends in such a very real, deep way that there’s such a comfort, and an ease, and a deep love that comes from having been through quite a lot together." –Angelina Jolie

it sucks when the people that you always took for granted finally realize how shitty you are. it sucks more knowing that it’s all your fault.

If you show me you don’t give a fuck, I’ll show you that I’m better at it. Unknown (via blackbruise)

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There’s nothing harder
than putting yourself
back together every morning wtm, ten word poem - wordscanbeenough (via perfect)

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But sometimes we get sad about things and we don’t like to tell other people that we are sad about them. We like to keep it a secret. Or sometimes we are sad but we don’t really know we are sad. So we say we aren’t sad. But really we are. Mark Haddon (via versteur)

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